Sifterr Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Maple Avenue Labs, LLC (referenced below as “Maple Avenue Labs”, “Sifterr developers”, “us”, “we”, “our”) and the companies we work with collect, analyze, and protect information in our application Sifterr (“Sifterr”, “the application”) and print products (collectively, “service”). The Privacy Policy applies to all users and visitors who access the service (“user”, “users”, “end-user”, “end-users”, “you” or “your”).

By using the service you understand and agree that we are providing an application that accesses your photos and photo metadata (collectively, "user content"). By granting access to your photos, you expressly consent to Sifterr’s use of your user content. You also understand and agree that because Sifterr integrates with Apple’s ecosystem, your data is also subject to Apple’s privacy policy.

Data Collected by Sifterr Developers and Third Parties

In some circumstances, Sifterr may collect your data and provide it to the Sifterr developers or outside companies (“partner,” “partners”, “third party”, “third parties”, “partner company,”, or “partner companies”). The circumstances under which this may occur, the kinds of data that might be collected, and the ways in which that data may be used are described below.


By using Sifterr’s features related to ordering photo products, including features for ordering prints or canvases, you understand and agree that your personal information (name, address, payment information, photos, and other information) will be shared with third parties. All information associated with placing an order, including but not limited to name, address, payment information and photos, may be provided to these third party print providers.

For example, during the canvas checkout process, you may enter your name, address, credit card number, or other data at CanvasPop. See the CanvasPop Terms of Use for more information.

During the prints checkout process, you may enter similar information with our print provider, Gooten (Gooten has previously done business as Makeable, and Breakout Commerce). When you use these features, Maple Avenue Labs does not control the security nor privacy of that data, and that data is no longer governed by this privacy policy.

Opting in to Additional Data Collection

If you choose to grant Sifterr permission to share your usage data, you understand and agree that Sifterr may collect information about your usage of the application (for example, time spent using particular application features, number of photos, and other data) and share it with Sifterr developers for the purpose of understanding how the application is used and for the purpose of improving the application.

Users may choose to opt out of sharing this data by choosing not to share their usage data when prompted by the app. If a user has previously selected to share usage data, they may opt out by turning off “Share Usage Data” in Sifterr settings. Note that the effects of turning this setting off may not be immediate.

Your photos are NOT shared with Sifterr developers or with third parties unless you place an order within the app. The circumstances in which photos may be shared with Sifterr developers or third parties are described in ‘Orders’ above.

Bug Reporting

If you choose to grant Sifterr permission to share your usage data, Sifterr may also share limited information with Crashlytics in the event the application crashes. This may include information about your device and OS version, the time of the crash, the state of the application at the time of the crash, and other information necessary to find and fix bugs. By agreeing to share usage data, users agree to the Crashlytics Privacy Policy.

Conversion Tracking

If you choose to grant Sifterr permission to share your usage data, Sifterr may share information with other third parties for the purpose of tracking app installations and relating them to advertisements viewed or interacted with by the user in other applications. This information may be subject to terms of the privacy policies of our partners, including Facebook and Google.

Sharing Content

Within the service, users may make user content or products publicly available by sharing them. Data made publicly available may be searched, indexed or accessed by other users or outside parties.

If users share to platforms outside the service, Maple Avenue Labs may not control security of that data. All data shared to outside platforms may be searched, indexed or accessed by other users or outside parties. Data is subject to the terms and policies on the platform in which it is shared or distributed.

How We Use Your Data

In addition to the direct uses of the services and data we describe in this privacy policy, we may use data received in the following cases:

Children's Privacy

You must be older than 13 years of age to use this application and we recommend minors between the ages of 14 and 18 ask and receive their parents’ consent before using or accessing the service.

Privacy Policy Changes

Privacy Policy is subject to change. All changes will be posted to this page.

Effective Date

These terms are effective January 1, 2016.

How to Contact Us

For any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please email us at